We make certain that each client receives our complete focus and effort by limiting the number of searches any consultant conducts at a time. This approach guarantees that each search is executed with the highest quality, speed, and laser focus, while assuring that we are free from the extensive “off-limits” restrictions that prevent large search firms from recruiting a substantial number of “A” caliber executives. Our ability to bring the best, most qualified candidates to the table for any search, regardless of position, industry or location, is unrivaled.

Partner-Led Recruiting

One Principal leads and actively recruits from start to finish on every search. Experienced recruiters produce superior results…nothing is delegated. This applies to the establishment of client and candidate rapport, follow through, assessment, feedback, selection, offer preparation and presentation, as well as candidate closure and follow-up through reporting to work.  Continual access to those involved in the hiring process is critical to the success of the project.  We utilize significant components of our client discussions to provide the level of service necessary to identify the optimal candidate.

Rigorous Assessment

 Before candidates are presented, we conduct extensive due diligence to obtain reliable feedback from trusted sources, which augments our assessment.

Specialization & Expertise

As industry and functional experts, we possess the market knowledge and executive networks to reach and attract the best talent…we are well known in the market and our calls are promptly returned.

Emphasis on the Kickoff Process

Each search begins with an exhaustive kickoff process to understand our client’s business, further define the role, and pinpoint the ideal candidate profile.

Access to the Best Talent

Since we partner with a select group of clients, we have few “off-limits” restrictions, which enables us to recruit the best candidates for every search.

Complete Focus on Each Search

Our consultants conduct no more than 3-4 searches at a time to assure that each assignment is executed with quality, speed, and unyielding focus.


Pre-Search Conference, Calibration and Initial Recruiting

We begin each search with an in-depth kickoff process to understand the company and collaboratively define the role. Based on the company’s overall goals and objectives, we determine the key requirements and deliverables for the role and develop or further refine a position description that guides the search. This process is critical to the identification of ideal candidate typology as well as serves to provide the information necessary to identify, evaluate and motivate targeted individuals in the marketplace.

A list of questions will be prepared and submitted to aid us in this process. Discussions of these questions  will provide: depth of focus on Position/Role interface, structure and  mission of the organization and the role, greater specificity vis a vis anticipated functional outputs for the individual role and departmental function, ideal experiential attributes for candidacy, and insight into potential for strategic impact and influence of the position. We then network with trusted executives to identify ideal prospects, while concurrently conducting original research and market outreach.


Recruiting, Assessment & Evaluation

Having established criteria for candidate selection, Mulcrone Search Group will identify candidates best suited for the position.  Our extensive experience in Industry as well as the Human Resources arena will allow for broadly based, multifaceted candidate targeting. As the initial candidates are presented, we will continue to recruit and identify additional viable candidates against the key requirements for the role. Potential candidates are interviewed, critically assessed, and thoroughly vetted through discreet referencing .  Scores of potential prospects may be screened in the process of refining the final candidate pool.  Candidate assessment considerations will include education, experience, personality, managerial style, compensation history and long term potential.  Only the most qualified executives are presented to our client for interviews, and we continue to recruit to be certain that our client sees the best candidates for the role.


Selection, Negotiation & Closure

Once the right candidate is selected, we work with our client to assure alignment in the offer; using the information that we gather throughout the search to assist in developing a compelling package that suits both parties. We work with our client and the chosen candidate to ensure a smooth transition, onboarding and continue to follow up long after the search is completed.